Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pretty's Practically Perfect Pre-School

Pretty will be three in July. She's the only girl smushed smack in the middle of four brothers. Those were the top two reasons the King and I came to the conclusion that she would need pre-school next fall.

I'd always just assumed that all my kids would attend the pre-school I used to teach at and be in Mrs. Parker's class when they're three years old. Number One was in her class when he was three years old, and I swear to this day that it probably saved him. She was about the best thing that ever happened to him. She came into his little life when he needed her most. And, by the end of school that year, he was ready to fly when she let him go. Having had someone that special in the life of one of my kids made me want it for all of my children.

The Beast ended up going to school through our school district. For him, that may have been best because he needed someone who could work with some of his special needs, so I sucked it up and let him go there. It was an okay year for him, but I think he'd have been happier with Mrs. Parker. (I taught with her, and I was always happier with her, too).

When I was pregnant with Pretty, Mrs. Parker designed and decorated her bedroom for me. Pretty loves looking at the bees and butterflies in there and telling me about them. I love telling her that they came from Mrs. Parker's beehive. It would have just made sense for Pretty to spend her three year old year with Mrs. Parker, too, right?

When the King and I sat down and discussed what our needs were going to be for next year, we realized that the pre-school I used to teach at just wouldn't be the best fit. Money is always and issue, but so was the days and hours of availability. So, we had to choose another school where Mrs. Parker doesn't teach. That's why I say we got her a "practically perfect pre-school".

We took her to her new school to visit today. She won't be starting until August when her big brothers go to school, but enrollment is now. I made a big deal of it for her, talking about her friend that would be meeting us at the school to tour with us. I let her choose her outfit, and she dictated for me just how her hair should be. I put two flower clips in her hair, and she made it clear that two was not nearly enough. So, we redid it, and ended up with four flower clips.

If I can't have a perfect pre-school, I'm pleased to say that this is about as close as it gets. Bright colors, smiling teachers, upbeat music, scissors, markers, glue, tricycles, a playground with a great big slide and a sandbox, and (most importantly) kids who were happy to be there were all to be found at the school. As an added bonus, two of her favorite friends from church will be enrolling with her.

She inspected each classroom with the greatest of detail, making sure each classroom had a play kitchen area, blocks, and markers. She observed what the other children around her were doing, and attempted to do as they did. (While she did well with "hallway hands", she is a little confused about how to walk in a line. That will come, right?) I didn't think I'd ever get her out of there.

So, there you go. My little girl is growing up. She's going to start spending some time away from her mama next fall. And I think it will be good for her. Do you think I should give the school a head's up to the fact that, due to having four brothers, she prefers to try to pee standing up?


Mattsmom said...

Lol about the peeing while standing. I am sure that Sadie will want to try it too soon enough.

I am so glad that you were able to find a preschool that is practically perfect and fit into the schedule you need!

Bilary said...

Aimee, I can't believe you left, though I completely understand. But I want you to know that I miss you horribly and that your influence is missed. Please come back when you are able to. And you can still call me if you ever need anything!

Oh, and I am LOVING those blessing pictures. He is such a sweet, beautiful (or handsome if you hate having someone describe your boy as beautiful) baby.