Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've Been Bugged!

I know the title makes you think someone cool like the CIA or FBI is listening in at our house. Rest assured that we're not nearly cool enough for an honor like that. Instead we've been stomach bugged. I'm pretty sure having our home bugged by the CIA would be much better than this.

Snort threw up on Sunday night, but he'd been gagging on his food a little so I didn't worry. Then, he started in with the diapers that should be reserved as punishment for people convicted of horrible things. I wasn't too worried because careful inspection of his diaper revealed that he's been eating copious amount of play foam. Seriously, it has looked like a Dippin' Dots ice cream stand suffered a horrible death in his diaper. Come to find out, the main thing that the foam is made of is also an active ingredient in Miralax. Nice. So,I didn't worry too much when he continued to poop in liquid form.

Then, last night, Pretty threw up. ICK!!! So, we were sure we were under attack by the stomach bug. She only got sick the one time, and has been herself for most of today...unless you count the fact that she's been napping for four hours now. (Guess I should go wake her up soon.)

The Beast has been coughing non-stop for a few days now, too. So, I kept him home today. I fully expect him to drop a lung on the floor anytime now. Or, maybe I'll get lucky and the antibiotic for his ear infection will help with the cough. I'm not getting my hopes up.

I started feeling it this morning. I woke up thinking I'd been on some horrible roller coaster ride for a looooooong time. No puking for me so far. (THANK GOODNESS!!) But, I have become quite the juice master. I know. That's an image you were just dying to have in your head.

So, there you have it. Our family has been bugged. We are greatly looking forward to the bug leaving our home. SOON!! Lysol has become my new best friend.


taffi said...

ohhhhhh, poor Aimee!!! and poor kids! but I must admit, I was totally laughing out loud reading about Snort's diaper. You can always find the humorous side of things. :hugs:

queen~e said...

Oh! I hope the bugs leave soon!

heidi and tom said...

I HATE the stomach bug!!! Hope you get over it soon! And btw, I had a dream last night that you were PREGNANT again!!!! I was freaking out!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry. And thanks for the heads up on that play foam stuff. Now I won't freak out if Samantha eats it.

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Turns out Snort also has C-Diff from taking too many anti-biotics on top of the foam stuff. We wondered why the bug came and went for all of us, but he's been pooping for almost a week. Poor kid. Moral of the lesson: Don't eat play foam while at the same time taking too many antibiotics all during stomach bug season.