Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

Number One is a pro when it comes to making up excuses to get out of things. Just this week, he got a failing score on a test over a book he never read. Inititally, he didn't have a good excuse for it, but last night he had something better while bragging to the King.

Number One: Dad, I have photographic memory. I just have to take one look at things, and I can see them. I just have to look at a page in a book, and I remember everything that's on it.
King: Really? Well, what happened with "Prince Caspian" then?
Number One: Oh, I was on the wrong page.

*eyeroll* Yep. He's gifted.


Bilary said...

That story is AWESOME! You have the COOLEST kids! I would like to know what a teacher would say to that. How could they help but laugh?! Give that kid a high five for me. He's so cool!

sjmiller said...

I am loving these stories about your kids! The things that they are coming up with! Your blog is true, at least you are never bored!

What a smart little guy you have there!