Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Can Buy Anything at Wal-Mart, but Can You Sell a Kid There?

The King had to work today, which almost never happens on Saturdays. Since he's usually home, I always do my grocery shopping on Saturdays while he stays with some of the kids. I've never taken all five kids shopping on my own...yet. Today was going to be that day.

My friend, Marlene, heard I'd be going on my way and called to see if I could use a hand. I'm not stupid. I absolutely took her up on the offer. Wal-Mart, rainy day, Saturday, and five kids don't always mix well. Even with her help, it took forever to get them all ready and out the door. Have you ever tried herding cats? This is worse. This was more like herding rabid cats.

When we finally got out the door and into the van, we discovered that the battery was dead. Very dead. After holding a funeral, we decided we ought to try and resurrect the van's battery. Our neighbor across the street, Roberto, came over and helped me out...again. (This has happened more than once. One of these days I'll learn how to use those jumper cables the King keeps in the van for me.) Roberto's wife, Gabriella, asked us where we were going. I told her, and she asked if she could keep Little Guy with her. Sounded good to me! I wasn't dying to take him to a crowded store where people could cough on him and make him sick. Plus, it was cold and rainy. With Gabriella, Little Guy would be warm and snuggly and hugged and kissed.

So, off I went with only four children and one other adult in tow. Being that this is a fairly small town, chances are good that you'll run into someone you know when you go to Wal-Mart on Saturday. All the cool kids go to Wal-Mart on Saturday, right? Today was no exception. We ran into everyone and their dog. Luckily, my kids weren't being too horrific.

One person we ran into was our friend, Linda, from church. She was there with her son, Jason, who is going into the army on Monday. Linda and her husband are two of the Beast's all-time favorite people on the planet. It's funny because he can never remember her husband, Jim's, name. But Jim is still one of the Beast's favorite people. Weird kid. As soon as he saw Linda, the Beast ran up to her and asked her if she wanted to take him home. And she said YES!! I stood there a little surprised thinking, "Hmmmm...this is interesting. My kid just asked someone to take him home and the person didn't run away screaming." Before I knew it, the Beast really was going home with Linda and Jason. I figured it'd be just for an hour or two, but they apparently had other plans.

We ran into them again after we checked out. By that time, he had taken them on a tour of the "toy apartment" and to see the fish. (We like to count and see how many dead ones we can find). She told me they were on their way to McDonald's for lunch and would then be going to bake some cookies. In my mind, I was thinking this was equivalent to a trip to Disneyland for the Beast. He was in seventh heaven.

I called a few hours later wondering when I'd need to be picking him up. Linda explained that the Beast was planning to stay the night. While they were at the store, he explained to her that he'd need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a sleeping shirt. And she got it for him!!! I was just giggling at how well thought-out this spontaneous visit had become. He even explained to her that his mommy expects him to go to sleep at 8:00. (I didn't know he had any clue what time he goes to bed.)

Anyway, he did decide to stay the night. Linda had a bed all made up for him, but I suspect he'll be all cuddled up in her bed most of the night. He'd already spent a lot of time asking Jim and Jason to help him write love notes and draw pictures. I imagine they'll all look just a little glazed over and sleep-deprived at church tomorrow. (They'll look just like me!)

I have to admit I miss my little Beast tonight. I've never spent a night in our house without him here. This is his first official sleep-over. *Sigh*. I knew you could buy just about anything at Wal-Mart, but I had no idea you could sell a kid at the same time.


Heidi said...

I love your kids! Tell The Beast that he is one smooth character. rofl

Misty said...

Impressive! And fun for him!

Mandy said...

How special for him!! I am sure he is gonna remember and be talking about this experience for a LONG time to come.

taffi said...

I'd buy him.

Anonymous said...

aww how sweet!! I hope he had a great time, he is one great kid.