Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've Reached a New Low

We all know that we've done it at least once in our lives. We might try to pretend we've never done it, but I just can't picture it. I mean, unless you have a phone with a cord that is still attached to a wall, you've done it at least once. What am I talking about? That's easy. I'm talking about taking the phone into the bathroom with you.

Really, I don't see much difference between doing that and continuing a conversation with a good friend while you're in a public restroom. Well, I guess there is a little difference. In a public restroom, the other person can actually smell what is going on. Disturbing, I know. But still true.

Well, I've reached a new low when it comes to taking the phone into the restroom with me. The King and I recently (as in just this week) got a new laptop computer. It's about as exciting as the first time I spoke on a cordless phone. (Yes, kids. I'm so old that I actually remember the days when phones were still attached to a wall.) I no longer have to sit in a corner at a desk to use my computer. I can use it anywhere. Are you seeing where I'm going with this???

As soon as we got the computer, my ever-so-amazingly-gorgeous cousin, Dawn, introduced me to Skype. It's a free service online where you can use your webcam to carry on a live action in-person face-to-face conversation. I'm completely addicted!!!! Dawn and I were talking yesterday, and it was SO GREAT to see her again. It's been a long time.

Half way through the conversation, I realized I needed to go. I mean REALLY had to go. It was one of those moments where you toot every time you laugh and with every step you take. I was getting desperate. Really desperate. At least as desperate as I've been known to get the minute I walk into Target with all my kids by myself. So, what did I do? I took the computer into the bathroom with me.

In my defense, I did put it on the counter next to me and she could only see from my shoulders up. And it's not like the webcam is scratch and sniff, so she couldn't smell what was going on. She could, however, see some facial expressions which I'm sure indicated what was happening from the waist down.

Anyway, there you go. You read it here first. I've officially reached a new low and I'm surprisingly okay with it. All that said, if you also have Skype and want to be my Skype friend, my screen name is AimeeTheSuperMom. I promise not to poop while I'm chatting with you.


sjmiller said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Why is it your blog can always make me laugh and laugh hard when reading? Oh, Aimee, I love you even if you do take a webcam in the bathroom with you! I too remeber the days of the phone being connected to the wall, also rotary phones!

Dawn said...

I can't believe you really wrote about it!!!!

Melissa said...

ha ha ha ha! love it!

Mattsmom said...

You are HILARIOUS! SO FUNNY! NO, I had never Skyped in the bathroom...but I will cop to the phone. On many occasions!