Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun At The Workshop!

I've been wanting to take the two big boys to Home Depot and Lowe's for the children's workshops for a long time. All of Little Guy's illnesses have constantly kept me from taking them. This morning, the only thing that tried stopping me was the bitter cold. And I didn't let it win.

We got up bright and early and were all dressed and ready to go right on time. Number One's friend, L, just lives around the corner so we took her with us, too. First we went to Home Depot where they made wooden wagons. Number One made me really proud at this particular stop. He did his project completely on his home with absolutely no help. Then, when he knew we needed to hurry to make it to Lowe's in time, another family came in with much younger children. Number One stopped what he was doing and offered to help them build their wagons, too. I knew we would be a little bit late, but how do you tell a nine year old that his efforts toward generosity are flawed? So, we stayed.

We made it to Lowe's just in time, and all three of them were able to build their gingerbread houses. They were so proud of their projects. We will absolutely be working hard to be sure we get to do this again frequently.
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Corina said...

Cool! Looks like they had alot of fun. I haven't braved those workshops in a few years. All the boys are almost big enough now that I should try it again!