Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Poo!

Many of you who have been following my blog for a long time now may recall that the Beast had a long history of creating lovely things with his poop. Or, if he wasn't creating, he was hiding it in strange places like sock drawers. I had to give him credit because I hadn't seen any other child quite so creative with his poop before and I was confident that he'd be the worst of it as far as poop art and my children go. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Snort has a lovely new hobby. Poop art. Poop throwing. Poop tasting. Poop EVERYTHING. For some reason, he chooses only to poop in bed. He then proceeds to do whatever it takes to remove said poop from his diaper so he can use it as a lovely creative outlet. I'm still scarred by the fine creation the King and I had to clean up last night.

It seems we've finally found a resolution to the situation (which would have worked last night had I actually implemented it!!). Onesies and long johns. Picture it: The long john bottoms go on first. The onesie goes over the long john bottoms. The long john top goes over the onesie. Why such a weird way of dressing him? Well, with the onesie on, he can't get into his diaper from the top. With the long johns UNDER the onesie, he can't pull his bottoms off and pull the poop out the side of the diaper.

Snort may be a creative poop artist, but I've been around this block once before. He's going to have to get a lot more creative if he wants to have poop to play with much longer.

Oh, and yes. Pictures of him in his goofy jammies are soon to come.

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