Sunday, January 10, 2010

Flower Child

It appears that over the Christmas vacation, Pretty has taken some sort of naughty pill. She finds anything and everything she can do to drive me nuts. Doesn't she know I'm already out of my mind without her adding to it?!?!
In addition to my daughter making me crazy, I have had a bit of a cold. Just a little one, and really not anything to worry about. I am, after all, a mom. Moms don't get sick. But, on the off occasion that I do get sick, I sometimes opt to take a little NyQuil. Should I need to be on drugs, the King becomes in charge of the children. Are you seeing where I'm going with this? Yeah. Not to a good place.
I had gotten Pretty some of those craft foam stickers at the Target Dollar Spot thinking she'd have fun with them. I must not have been thinking clearly (NyQuil, remember?) because it didn't even occur to me that she'd likely stick them all over her walls, my mirrors, and HER BABY BROTHER.
I was drugged out to next week, so I was clearly not thinking straight. Beyond having the sense to grab the camera, it didn't jump out at me to remove the stickers from Little Guy's face. Apparently it didn't occur to the King either because the stickers were still on his face the next morning. The lovely part of all that is the fact that Little Guy STILL (three days later) has red marks in the shape of the stickers all over his face.
The irony of the situation? Look closely. He took off the canula. I can't get the kid to keep that thing on for anything. But flower stickers? Oh yeah. Those he'll wear all week.

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taffi said...

rofl! yeah, I noticed the missing canula. sorry my hubby distracted your hubby long enough for Pretty to decorate Little Guy!