Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's a Fifth Grader Now

Aiden and Mrs. Shelton
I love how she just freely hugs him, and you can see that he adores her.
Today was supposed to be the boys' last day of school, but our van's cooler is broken and we're living in a new city 45 minutes away. With that much distance, I can't take the babies in the van with no cooler. To make a long story short, yesterday ended up being their last day of school.
Aiden has the privilege of being in a class with Sherri Shelton as his teacher. She was so wonderful for him. This was a year of ups and downs at home for him. Between Liam getting sick now and then, moving, and all the other chaos that comes with living in our home, things could sometimes get a little rough for him. Mrs. Shelton made sure he always felt loved and listened to at school. And she was SO UPBEAT all the time. Being the goofy joker that Aiden is, he needed someone who could have fun with him.
She even applauded him when he and his friend, Dylan, performed's the word for it....interesting...demonstration of light sabre dueling at the third and fourth grade talent show. Mrs. Shelton makes a point of acknowledging all of her students' hard work and accomplishments.
We're moving on to a new school in a new state with new teachers and hopefully new friends next year. I'm so glad Aiden has the foundation Mrs. Shelton gave him under his belt. Thank you, Mrs. Shelton, for your amazing hard work and dedication to our Aiden.

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Brooke and Ryan Steed said...

I LOVE Mrs. Shelton!!!!! She helped me get started with my teaching career!!!!! Any child who has the opportunity to have her as a teacher is greatly blessed!!!!!!!!