Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well That Sucks

I have been working on getting the kids more involved in the upkeep of our apartment. They are finally really catching on. The great thing is that the apartment stays a little tidier. The down side is that the kids put stuff where they think it looks best. Rachel did some tidying on Saturday, so we all had to wear flip flops to church on Sunday. Today we found some of our shoes in the bottom of the toy bin. At least they were all matched up neatly together, though.

CJ decided that the apartment needed to be vacumed today. There were lots of stray items on the floor and it just seemed easier in his head to suck them all up. Sooooo, does anyone know how to dislodge a pair of girls' panties out of a vacume cleaner? Don't worry. They're Rachel's. There isn't a vacume big enough to suck mine up.

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