Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So, We're Moving

We've been living in this place for almost ten years now. We're happy here. Really happy. We have amazing memories with even more amazing friends here. All of my children's doctors, schools, friends, well...basically their entire lives are here.

Byron has enjoyed his job here, but that job is coming to an end. By this time next year, it won't be there anymore. The doors to the plant he works at will have closed for good, and anyone still there will be standing in an unemployment line.

We figured Byron would be in one of those lines, too. We started getting his resume together, and then he got a call from the HR department of his plant around Halloween this past year. They wanted him to apply for another position within the company. He told him that position was one he'd looked at, but it requires a PhD., and he doesn't have that. He has a bachelor's degree. They said they were aware of his credentials, but still wanted to know how soon he could be there for an interview. He left the following week.

His company is a little bit slow at getting things done, and somehow they forgot to tell him the job was being offered to him. Eventually, though, we got word that he had been offered the new position complete with an increase in salary and relocation package. The problem? Relocating.

At the time, the whole thing sounded very exciting. That lasted all of about 15 minutes before reality set in. We had to get the house ready to sell, find a new house to buy, find all new doctors and schools, and so much more. By some miracle that can only be attributed to a loving Heavenly Father, our house sold in a matter of nine days. NINE DAYS! Yeah. We didn't see that one coming.

Part of the relocation package was corporate housing until we move into our new home. That's where we are right now. We're about 40 minutes south of the town we have lived in the past ten years. At least we're still sort of near our friends, right?

We also bought a great house in the new state that even seems to be in a great ward. There shouldn't be a thing to complain about. Nothing. In the past several months, our family has experienced nothing but amazing blessings, and the truth is that those blessings just keep on coming.

So, we're moving. We're moving. We are taking our children and all of our belongings and leaving everything we know and love behind in exchange for a new life full of new adventures. Yep. Moving. That's what we're doing.

We went and closed on our new home last week. I was beyond words excited. Byron and I flew there together, and the anticipation was killing me. This house is everything I could have asked for in a house, and it's within our price range. It has a finished basement I can use as a dungeon for the kids to play in, plus an extra bedroom down there. It has a lockable workspace for Byron where can put storage and important documents. We have a huge master bedroom with a great master bathroom. The kitchen has more storage than I could ever dream of. It's perfect.

We got the keys to our new home and drove over to it. I was sooooo excited. We opened the door, walked in, and I cried. There is nothing wrong with the house, but just standing there in that house that now belongs to us was all I needed to be reminded of the fact that we no longer live here in this place. We now live in that place. I didn't expect to have that sort of reaction.

So, we're moving. We're really moving. Yep. Moving.

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