Thursday, March 3, 2011

That's One Way to Get a Girl...Scout

A couple of weeks ago, a little girl in Aiden's grade came by selling girl scout cookies. I don't know about anyone else, but a I can not say no to a girl scout cookie. Ever. (I've tried, and just fail miserably). I took a few minutes to look over the order form full of over-priced confections to be sure I'd ordered everything I wanted. After the little girl left, Aiden happened to mention that she goes to his school and is in his grade.

Yesterday the cookies came in, and Aiden spotted her down the street preparing to deliver. He came running in and yelled to put some better pants on Drezden and make sure his glasses were straight. "Reese thinks Drezden is so cute and wants to meet Liam." Since when did Aiden care if anyone thought his little brothers were cute??

He kept her at the door for about ten minutes having Drezden do tricks like make fist, bump it into her fist, and then pretend to have it explode. He had Liam wave and play peek-a-boo. THEN he slyly turned to her and said, "They're available if you want to come play with them again sometime". She smiled and said she'd be coming back.

That's right, ladies and gentleman. My ten year old just pimped out his baby brothers in order to get a cute little blue-eyed, brown-haired, freckle-faced girl scout to come back over. AND IT WORKED! Later he asked me if I liked her and I casually said that I thought she seemed nice. "I kind of like her, too. She's sort of pretty." was his response. Yeah, dude. I already noticed that you like her when you gave your little brothers an ounce of attention because she was here. He promptly ran out the door to play with his other friends the minute she left. Liam and Drezden didn't seem to mind. They were just happy that he'd played with them for a while AND that some cute girl scout gave them attention.

Do you think having your kid on really good terms with a girl scout would qualify a mom to get cheaper cookies? Hmmmm....

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kadee said...

That it hilarious! Aiden has some serious moves! lol