Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well, we finally decided it was a good idea to take the plunge and take the kidlets to the science museum. They've been really bugging us to take them to the Grossology exhibit, which is closing this week.  Since Aiden has a birthday coming up and it was Spring Break (which I'm so glad is OVER), we did it. We gathered Kassidi (my right-hand man...er girl), her mom, and brother to come. Then we asked my friend, Aimee, if her kidlets would like to come, too.  I could not have asked for a better day. Really, it was WONDERFUL!

I think the kids' favorite part was definitely learning about burping, farting, peeing and vomiting.  I'm adding a ridiculous number of pictures here because, well...I like them and it's been a while since I've had some decent pictures to add. I hope you enjoy.  There are, of course, captions where they're needed.

Courtney, Kass, and Amber with my little heathens in the food court.

Here is Liam crawling down the esophagus slide. Yes, you read that correctly.

And, here he is coming out the rectum tunnel. Yes, you read that right too.

CJ's FAVORITE part was this fart machine. He laughed and laughed making the farts happen.

Aiden, Devin, and Judge didn't mind the fart machine either.

CJ scaled the zit and scab wall like a pro.  We were really glad we ate before going to grossology.

Amber and Courtney helped Liam and Drezden enjoy the nasal cavity. Note the snot dripping down the back.  Classy, right?

Rachel LOVED Urine: The Game (You're in the game, get it?)  It was an interactive game where you have to fight off the urine stuff coming at you. Red blood cells, things that looked like rocks, and I have no idea what else came flying at her.

Drezden really liked Cyberville.  He played on the computers as if he had a clue in the world what was going on.  I think those headphones may have been a little big for him.

Here was our whole rascally group.  I set the self-timer on the camera and just prayed we'd get a decent picture. It came out pretty well if you don't count Aiden's weird photobomb over there in the corner. Silly kid.

As much as he can be a total nut sometimes, Aiden is a really wonderful big brother. He spent a good amount of time showing Liam how the draw bridge works.

Rachel enjoyed the science playground. She wasn't quite tall enough for the friction wall, though.

Drezden wasn't tall enough, either.

Liam thought he was super cool because he could spin the wheel and make the organ go.  I couldn't tell how well he heard it, but it doesn't seem like that mattered much.  He just loved spinning the wheel.

We found some great trees to climb for pictures. I love this one of Aiden.  

This picture inspired me to cut their hair the very next morning, but I love how big they've gotten.  They're sitting on a dinosaur foot here.  

Look closely. What is wrong with this picture? I'm pretty sure I need to submit this one to Awkward Family Photos or something.

He has just gotten so big! I'm so proud of my little tornado on feet! 

I'm pretty sure he was plotting something here. 

Devin, Aiden, and Judge thought they were pretty cool sitting up in that tree. It gave me a heart attack, though.
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