Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, We're Making Progress

The assistant principal just called. We went round and round and she insisted that the punishment would stick, but he wouldn't lose his part in the play and still can't be in the choir concert tonight. I said that wasn't good enough. She asked what I wanted. I was very clear.

1. I brought up the situation with CJ where he was picked on repeatedly for weeks and threatened with physical harm. She said that child was 2nd grader and Aiden is a 5th grader so it's different. I said I would agree with that except that he is 11 and was compared to an adult yesterday. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? She said she'd have to "look into that more."

2. I said that, when Aiden did something wrong, he had to apologize to the little boy in person and in writing. I want an apology from Dr. C. for calling him racist and saying she KNEW that's how he intended it. She said that wasn't necessary because he didn't know the other woman said that. I said he most certainly does know and that I explained it to him as a means of helping him understand why such an extreme consequence was imposed. And, even if he didn't know, she said it and should have to admit to that and apologize. Period.

3. I said that it was clear that this consequence was given with political motivation and not a full understanding of the whole situation, and it's okay to say to Aiden and the other little boy "We were really upset by what you did and didn't really stop to think about it, but this is a little bit more consequence for what you did." I think they should ask him why what he said was wrong and why he shouldn't do it again. If he knows the right answers, I felt that they could say, "we're sorry were so extreme and we think it's time you go back to the classroom tomorrow morning." I said that sometimes I'll tell him he's grounded for two weeks for something stupid and then realize how extreme that was and apologize for flying off the handle and then give him a more fitting consequence for his actions.

4. She said they were firm, so I asked where to go from here for mediation. I said I felt that it's obvious I won't budge on my feelings and that they won't budge on their feelings, so a third party would be brought in. "I don't want to go legal here, but I have a job to defend what is best for my child". I asked the process for mediation. Does he serve the time while it's being mediated, or go back to class until it's all over? I'm willing to work with them. If he serves the time while it's being mediated and it is determined that I am right, what is the compensation for Aiden for that? I was clear that I did allow him to go today and sit in ISS, but I will not allow another day of it. She offered to let him serve the suspension at home. I said no. It's still an extreme punishment no matter where he serves it. I said it MUST be taken care of today because he belongs in that classroom tomorrow morning. It's wrong to even concede tonight's concert, but whatever. I will deal with that loss.

She did note that I am VERY good at advocating for my kid. (That made me giggle a little.) I think they realize I mean business now and will NOT be backing down on this. She needed to "look into a few things", but will call me back later today to work on a better resolution. I'd say that's at least a little progress.

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Sharlene said...

Well of course you are Fantastic at advocating for your child! You are educated, have lots of life experience, and you are 100 percent right! I am behind you all the way.....In South Dakota.