Saturday, February 2, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My college BFF hit me with a blog tag. Apparently I have to come up with six things no one knows about me. Hello? Me? I tell you people EVERYTHIHNG. I can't imagine there is much about me y'all don't know. Anyway, here goes...

1. I have a huge fear of bridges. When I was little the great CA earthquake happened, and footage was shown of cars driving off bridges into the water. I remember it vividly. To this day, I panic going over bridges.

2. My favorite brush with celebrity was meeting and spending time with Jake Billingsley of Survivor :Thailand. My kids LOVE him, and he was kind enough to show them love back.

3. I can't sleep if the closet door is opened or the light is on in it. Who knows what kind of cat burglers might be lurking in there?

4. Of all the guys I have dated and/or kissed, the King is the only one I've ever been totally loyal to.

5. I can make enemies at church without even trying. I know. This is totally shocking.

6. The last R -Rated movie I ever saw was "Amistaad" in January 1998. I don't miss watching R-Rated movies,either.

Okay Vina, Amber L., Amy, and Taffi! You're it!


Anonymous said...

And to think I honestly didn't know 5 of those things.

AmberL said...

Yeah, I didn't know thses things about you. Well, I knew one of them.
Thanks for the tag! Geez, now i have to out myself.

taffi said...

hmm. I don't think I knew any of those, either.

thanks for the tag - I'll try to get it done tomorrow.