Friday, February 22, 2008

A Pretty Princess Needs Our Love

My one my dear MOFia friends, Queen L, has a beautiful princess in her home. She adores her princess and lives only to love and care for this princess (and the other princess in the home). Princess C is very sick right now. Very sick. Queen L is scared. There isn't much I can do about it, and I'm sad about that. But, I have this blog. At the end of this entry, I hope that each and every reader will post a wish for Princess C. We so need her to get well again soon. Not everyone has to know her and meet her to love her and help her. They just need to wish. So, Princess C, this is all for you:

"Once there was a beautiful princess who was preparing to rule a kingdom in a land far away. She was the most beautiful princess in the most beautiful land you have ever imagined. And, in the land, there lived beautiful flowers and trees and animals. And all of the beautiful flowers and trees and animals only wished they could be as beautiful as this princess. While most flowers liked to lean toward the sun, the flowers in this land leaned toward the princess, just hoping some of her beauty would fall on them.

The princess had shiny golden hair and a smile so radiant that visitors came from far and wide just to see it. Indeed, it was believed throughout the kingdom that just being in the presence of the beautiful princess was enough to cure the most painful ache and make even the deepest sadness disappear and bring out the sun on the stormiest of days. The princess, named Princess C, had the lovliest sparkling blue eyes you had ever seen. They were blue and twinkly like the ocean water when the sun shines brightly and reflects off of it. Anyone with sorrow in their hearts only needed to look into Princess C's eyes, and only feelings of pure love and joy would overtake them. Princess C was truly a gift to the kingdom and all its people.

Princess C was a happy princess. She loved living in the castle with her mom and dad and sisters. She loved playing with all of her princess toys. She delighted in giggling with all of the other princesses in the land. She treasured time spent with her parents, the king and queen, when they would tuck her in at night after reading the most wonderful bedtime stories you could ever imagine. Most importantly, she found her greatest joy in just being herself.

Indeed, all was well in the land. It was a happy place, and all who lived there were happy to be there because they knew Princess C was learning all that she could, and was preparing to rule the kingdom someday. As long as Princess C was in the kingdom, no bad could ever come to it or the people who lived there. Even all the beautiful trees and flowers and animals knew that.

One day, something seemed different in the kingdom. The birds weren't singing their usual glad songs. The sky didn't have the usual bright shining sun. Instead, it was gray with storm clouds just waiting to burst at any second. The critters weren't scattered througout the land flittering their tails and making happy banter. Instead, they were hiding deep in the holes (or where ever squirrels and other small critters lived).

The people living in the kingdom grew concerned. What could possibly have changed? They brought their worries to the king and queen of the land, and that's when they heard the terrible news. Princess C had fallen ill. She was too tired to play with the other princesses. Nothing was at all right throughout the kingdom.

Court jesters came forward to tell jokes and funny stories. But Princess C didn't feel any better. The finest singers in all the land came to the castle to sing merry songs for Princess C. But Princess C didn't feel any better. Bunnies and puppies and butterflies and lady bugs were brought in. But Princess C didn't feel any better.

The entire kingdom was in an uproar. What would happen if Princess C didn't start to feel better? Who would light up the whole land with her perfect smile? Who would giggle with the other princesses? Who would the king and queen tuck in and kiss every night? Clearly, something had to be done.

So, a meeting was called throughout the kingdom. Surely, something could be done. Surely, someone somewhere would have a solution. Several ideas were tossed around. Someone suggested buying the princess new roller skates. But she was too sick to use them. Someone else suggested that the princess kiss a frog since rumor had it that frog kissing had worked for another princess in another land. Still, someone else suggested that the princess prick her finger on a spinning wheel. But it was pointed out that such a thing had had disastrous results for another princess. So, it was discouraged.

Finally, an idea came forward. It was a simple idea, but it was all the people had to work with. All the people in all the land would write a letter to Princess C. They would tell her how much they loved her and cared for her and wanted her to get better. And, after they wrote their letters, they would wish. They would wish with all their hearts that Princess C would get well and restore the kingdom to its previous practically perfect condition.

All throughout the kingdom, people were writing letters and making cards and drawing pictures. Even the smallest animals were leaving their pawprints in snow. And then, the people wished. They wished and wished and wished. And then they wished some more. Never before had any kingdom or group of people wished so long or so hard.

And then one day after lots and lots of days of wishing, it happened. The sun shined like had shone before. Sadness and aches and pains were gone. What had happened? All of the people in the kingdom rushed to see if these happy changes meant that their long days of wishing and hoping had produced a happy result. The king and queen ran to tell of the good news. Princess C was well again. She had energy to play with the other princesses and to pet her bunnies and to giggle and smile. The frogs lept with delight from their lilly pads. New buds on all the beautiful flowers burst forth with colorful blossoms. Laughter and joy and good will was once again felt throughout the land. And the king and queen once again had a princess to tuck in and read stories to and kiss goodnight. And that was good.

Oh, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End"

This is for you, Princess C. All of my readers ARE going to post a comment just for you to get better. We are all wishing and wishing and wishing for you sweet girl. And I'll know when I look out my window and see the sun shining that you are getting well again. We love you, Princess C.


taffi said...

Princess C, we love you so much! we are praying for you at our house. and Queen L... get some rest!

Elizabeth said...

Princess C, I hope you are trying to get your beauty sleep! We love you so much and we are praying for you too. Queen, take care of yourself. There are lots of maids in waiting ready to do anything needed. Just let us know how we can help the royal household...

Nicole said...

We're praying for Princess C too. Please get better soon.

Darci said...

That was pretty good. I love that story and it is perfect!!!

We love you Princess C!!! Get better soon.

ditndetes said...

Princess C, you are in all my prayers. I hope you get better soon. Queen L, I'm praying for you too.

Courtney said...

Princess C and Quenn L, I hope you can both get some rest! Get better soon.

Rich said...

As Princess C's father - although I don't feel much like a king right now, just a worried dad - Lisa & I appreciate your love and concern. Thanks for the story & I'll be sure to read it to her.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you too Princess C and Queen L please get some rest. I will try and get a story up later this week.

Blackeyedsue said...

Princess C... you are such a pretty, pretty princess. I am so sorry you are sick. My princess and I are praying every day for you.

We love you!

~moon said...

I don't know you Princess C, but I'm wishing with all my heart that you make yourself well, and make the sun shine bright again, and the other Princesses laugh again, and the King and Queens' minds be at ease again. Be strong!!

~V~ said...

Not sure who this is, but my thoughts and prayers are with my Mofia friend!