Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Put Her Outside

We got snow this week. Twice. That NEVER happens here. It's probably a sign that the end of the world is coming, and I'm in big trouble because I'm completely unprepared. I haven't a thing to wear!

Anyway, snow around here pretty much always means no school. I'm not sure if these people know what a snow plow is. Maybe I should draw them a picture, and suggest that they google it, and perhaps even purchase one. Until that happens (which it probably won't since the end of the world is coming, as mentioned already), we stick with having our kids home from school.

Number One actually got to go to school, but was two hours delayed. Since there was a delay for regular school, the Beast's school was called off entirely. He got to stay home and have a lovely day enjoying Pretty. Poor kid.

Pretty is really a very sweet little girl, but she has a devious nature about her. I can always see those wheels turning, and it's clear that she's always plotting something. Lately, her favorite thing to do is come up with ways to sneak up behind Beast, and steal the listening devices off the back of his head. She squeals in sheer delight as he runs behind her yelling, "Give me back my ears!!! I can't hear you!!! Mommy says that is a bad choice!". Eventually, she stops and gives it to him, only to wait five minutes or so to let him get comfy before taking it again.

This cycle went on for hours on Tuesday morning. Time after time, I'd hear the squeal, the yell, the running, the slamming things, the cats running to find cover, items breaking, and my mind slowly turning into mush. After a while, I got to a point where I didn't even hear it anymore. It's kind of like when you get used to the ticking of your clock, so you just don't notice it...until it stops.

I remember hearing the squealing and the yelling and then a slam. Then, things went silent. Finally! A little peace and quiet. After a few minutes of peace, I realized something was not right. Our house is not supposed to be a quiet, peaceful place. It's supposed to have more of a Grand Central Station feel to it. I walked down the hall, looking into all the rooms until I finally found Beast.

"Where is Pretty?"
"I said she's outside".
"I know you said she's outside. How did she get there?"
"I put her outside".
"What?!?!?! Why?!?!?!"
"She bother me. She take my baby ear".
"So, you put her outside in the snow in just her jammies?"
"Yep. And I close the door. She don't bother me anymore".

So, I opened the door fully expecting to have to run up and down the street looking for my daughter. Instead, I found her still standing on the front stoop waiting to come back in. She simply strolled in as if nothing had happened. I think that's a good sign that she wasn't scarred for life by it.

Let this be a lesson to you all: Peace and quiet in a house full of young children can NEVER be a sign of a good thing. Oh, and don't let your kids watch you put the annoying dog out. They'll assume the policy can also apply to little sisters.

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heidi and tom said...

I am so glad you are keeping this written history for your posterity...if nothing else I'm sure it helps you keep your sanity!!!