Monday, March 3, 2008

My Life Monday

One of the girls on the Cosa MOFstra webring created a "My Life Monday" tradition. Each Monday, we're assigned a topic to post about. She gives us our topic the week before so that we can think about it some. This week's is challenging, so I'm glad I had a week to think about it. Our assignment is to write a six-word memoire of our lives. I've put a LOT of thought into it, and can only hope it's as meaningful to read as it was to live.

My Life
"Doors slammed shut, windows ALWAYS opened".
So, what would your six-word life story say?


Rachelle said...

Man, you are good! I love that one. To get the logo, just copy from my site, save as a picture, and then upload using the blogger uploader (found when you are posting). If you need help, sign in to MSN later and I'll try to help you.

Courtney said...

I love the optimism - that really fits you!

~e said...

Nice. I can see how it fits.

Anonymous said...

so true!!