Monday, March 17, 2008

My Life Monday-March 17th

It's My Life Monday again. Rachelle has assigned us this week to describe a great adventure we've been on. As crazy as my life is, I just have had a very difficult time this week thinking of an adventure I've experienced. After all, my life is one adventure after another. How do I choose just one to describe this time?

Every day, for me, is some sort of adventure. From the early-morning wake-up calls with Number One demanding clean socks and his favorite jeans to the Beast wanting not one, but two pop-tarts, to Pretty cleaning a freshly-used unflushed toilet with a fork to Snort having explosive diarrhea, which somehow finds its way into my pants, how do I narrow down any one adventure?

Quite simply, just being a parent means I live my own personal adventures on an almost daily basis. Truly, I am never bored.


~e said...

I didn't know there was a mlm this week. You do have the most adventures of any mom I know! Lol

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

I don't think Rachelle posted it, but she gave the assignment last week.