Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where's My Boat?!?!

Today was the presidential primary voting day in our state. I was going to wait for the King to come home and then go vote, but he was working late. So, I took all four kids and went after Beast's karate lesson. We arrived at 5:54 and left at 7:35. Yep. I stood in a line to do my civic duty for nearly two hours with four children.

The bigger boys did very well. They made friends with anyone they could find, and even somehow were so cute that the kind lady in front of us asked if she could get them treats from the vending machine. They were delighted! Number One just sat on the floor by my side while the Beast moved forward to sit on some chairs and make befriend an older lady. I think they may have entered holy matrimony in the time we were finished, but had it anulled shortly there-after. (That's what happens when you're voting at the local courthouse).

Pretty and Snort stayed in the double stroller. Snort just slept the whole time, but Pretty did her Miss America wave to everyone who so much as glanced in her direction. Should I be concerned by the fact that she is such a huge flirt? She seemed to really enjoy just looking at all the people. Whenever she got bored, she simply reached up and goosed the nice lady in front of us. (The one who had given the boys yummy treats). The lady was very kind about it, and even stooped down to talk to her. She seemed to think Pretty was really cute. I wonder if she'll still be feeling that way after she sees the miniature hand prints left on her backside.

So, all in all, I was very proud of my kids for such amazingly good behavior. Really, I couldn't have asked for much better from them. I was praising them profusely as we walked out of the voting room and into the hallway, which was still full of people waiting to vote as well. Inside I was thinking about what a great mom I was for making the sacrifice in my time and potentially driving myself nuts with all four of them just to show them that I believe it's important to get out and vote. I was almost having a proud mommy moment there.

That's when it happened. I figured it had all been too good to be true, but just shrugged it off as good behavior. Number One informed me that he was being good so I'd take him out to eat. (Eh, he'd earned it). But it was the Beast's comment that got me good. "Mommy, when do I get my boat?" The downside of being hearing impaired is that you often mishear things. The poor kid had just spent two hours in a line thinking there would be a boat ride at the end of it. And, of course he said it so loudly and pathetically with his huge brown eyes looking so disappointed that you could hear literally every person in the line go "Awwww, bless his little heart".

So, if you ever opt to take your children to learn how to do their civic duty, make sure they understand that water, life jackets, and floatational devices will not be involved.

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heidi and tom said...

Oh my stars! First, a HUGE KUDOS to you for braving two hours in line just to exercise your right to vote with four kids!! There's NO WAY on earth I would be that brave. Secondly bless the beast's little heart. I hope you did reward him with something after all that!!