Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Missionary Mondays

I've mentioned before that we happen to have a really good set of missionaries right now. They've started a new little tradition with my kids, and the kids can't get enough of it. Missionaries get a day of prep. to do their laundry, shopping, playing, etc. on Mondays. So, these wacky guys some over when the boys get out of school and play with them. On their free days. Are they crazy?!?! Beats me, but the kids think it's great. I have LOTS of pictures to show what it's like when these guys come around. Oh! And I should mention that they always bring some sort of activity to play with while they're here. Sometimes it's football (well, there is ALWAYS football). Other times it's tennis. We've had water balloons, screaming flying balloons, and some leaf raking. It's become quite the thing to do on Monday afternoon to the extent that we now have neighborhood kids coming along to join in the fun now and then.

The Beast conned Elder Barnes into raking and re-raking a pile of leaves for him to jump into. I swear that kid could sell ice to an eskimo. It's amazing the things he gets people to do for him.

Number One can't get enough of practicing football with Elder McNamara. I have to laugh at the way the boys say his name, though. Number One calls him "Elder McMara" and the Beast just calls him "Acanara". It's pretty cute.

Number One also loves playing tennis. Elder Barnes is always happy to have a tennis partner.
Why is this picture of a rake here? This is the Beast's way of getting on top of things. He decided it would be best to rake the leaves out of the tree so they don't mess up the grass in the first place. Silly kid.

The Beast got a hold of my camera. This is the shot he got of Elder Barnes with the tennis racket. Nice.

Who doesn't just love a missionary who can make paper airplanes that go "super high into the sky with the aliens" ?
What happens after playing football with Elder MacNamara? You get tired kids, of course.

Here's the Beast's best effort at taking pics. of "Elder Acanara"

There are other crazy things these guys do, too. They showed up one morning with two loaves of lemon bread that they "made because they had free time and some ingredients and they hoped our family could enjoy it". They've come to spray poison to kill my poison ivy. On the nights that they come for dinner, they usually get into the dress-up stuff with the kids. The foam swords come out every time, and it's sheer chaos. But, who could ask for more? My kids feel loved when the missionaries come around, and that's the best part of all. (Well, the fact that they're entertained for a few minutes isn't too bad, either).


Anonymous said...

you have some awesome missionaries!!

Kristin said...

How fun. I love it. :)

Heidi said...

I would love to get some really good missionaries for once. I'm glad you have those guys, don't let them get away.

Olivia said...

sounds like fun. They'll always remember them. I still remember the missionaries who always brought me those candy sticks that you dip into the candy powder.

Mattsmom said...

I am Joanie "Mattsmom" from the board.

FUN! DH and I are still laughing to the point of tears about the "Peter Pants" comments of the last post.

I think it is AWESOME that the missionaries come every week! What lucky kids you have! Those missionaries sound FAB!

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Kind of a disappointing update: Elder McNamara called last night. He's being emergency transferred home for health issues this morning. I'm letting Number One call and tell him goodbye before school. We hope he gets well and can come back soon.