Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, I Guess He is Our Kid Afterall

Snort will be one on Sunday. I know. I can't believe it, either. He's been our easiest, most well-behaved baby of the four. We were starting to wonder if maybe he was switched at birth because he seemed to be far too mellow and laid back to be one of our wild children.

Then it happened. He's turned to the Dark Side. His siblings have taught him to use the Force for evil, evil things. The other day I found him in my tupperware cabinet. He'd pulled every single item out. What?!? It must be a fluke, right? My sweet innocent little Snort would never CHOOSE to do anything causing me more work. He's too perfect.

I opted to redirect him for a few minutes while I went ahead and put the cabinet back together. When I finished just five minutes later, I had to track him down. Where could that sweet angel be? I had no idea the horror I was about to find. There he was in Pretty's room. He'd pulled every stitch of clothing out of the dresser. Well, all that he could reach anyway.

Where did I go wrong with him? At what point did he decide to join the ranks of his wild siblings and cahoot with them to bring me more gray hairs? (Yes, I have gray hairs. I don't like to talk about it much, though. It's just too painful.) When did he *gasp!!!* learn to play with his sister cooperatively???

It gets worse. This morning, I was doing Pretty's hair after I got her out of the tub. I gave Snort LOTS of toys to play with. I even made sure they were his favorite ones. I finished her hair and went to where he was. Well, where he should have been. Was he there? Nope! That little sneak had gotten into the cat room and had his way with the cat food. There are tiny morsels everywhere!!!

I guess the good news is that we now know he wasn't switched at birth. The bad news is that I think the four of them are planning on teaching all they know to the new baby and then plotting a mutiny one of these days. Should I ever go more than two weeks without posting, you should probably call and check on me. Chances are my children have me bound and gagged and are doing cruel things like feeding me copious amounts of broccoli.

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taffi said...

broccoli? that's cruel & unusual punishment, methinks.