Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At Least There Wasn't a Dead Body in There.

I just cleaned the Beast's room. I try to have him "tidy up" daily, but then I clean it myself once a week when he's not looking. He has a gift for making messes, hiding things, and well...suffice it to say you just never know what you'll find in there. We've found butcher knives, boxes of matches, long lost shoe mates, missing nails, and much more. I always come away with at least one full kitchen trash bag of nothing but trash. Where does he find this stuff?!?!? There is literally NOTHING but legos in his room.

Here is the list of items discovered just today:
An entire bottle of breastmilk supplement capsules all opened and their contents scattered throughout the room.
Several princess dress-up shoes, but only the left ones.
A petrified banana peel in the lego bin.
New decorations permanently drawn on his floor.
I also learned that, even if your bed is on the floor, you can still hide things under it. That's where I found the very sad remains of my new package of press and seal, dress-up princess bling bling jewels, and severeal missing socks.

*Sigh*. He will outgrow this someday. Right?

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