Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gary the Lizard

I was cleaning the boys' bathroom the other day and discovered a pet that I didn't know we owned. As I reached behind the toilet to scrub it, I was horrified to discover a gecko lizard. He was just a little lizard, but was still an uninvited guest. I can only assume he was trying to sell me Geico insurance, but I'm not currently in the market for insurance. I tried to get him to leave, and to my complete horror, the thing detached its tail and scurried away. The worst part was that the remaining tail parts kept quivering for several minutes after the lizard was gone. I know. Disgusting, right?

Fast forward to the next morning. The Beast woke up and told me he had a new pet. "It's a lizard, and we played chase all night long, Mom!". Hmmmm. Really?? I figured he'd just heard the story from the day before and was playing on it. Honestly, if some poor lizard ever ventured into the Beast's room, it was not going to be a pretty sight. There is NO place for anything to hide in there. The Beast went on to tell me that he'd caught his lizard, now named Gary according to him, by the tail. Then, the lizard jumped out of its tail and ran away. GROSS!! My kid is telling me he stood there holding the tail of his dear friend, Gary.

Anyway, the Beast has been very bothered because he hasn't been able to find Gary for the past couple days. So, he's been praying that Gary and all of his friends and family could come back to see him in his room. He prayed about it with us over dinner, prayed about it at church in his Sunday school class, and more. He even asked if we could post "Lost Lizard" signs all over town. (Can you even imagine that!?!?) Tonight, the Beast's prayers were answered. "Mom! Come here! Gary is died!!!" I got up and ran to his room where I discovered a very dead, very large gecko lizard-minus the tail.

Rest in peace, Gary the Lizard.

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