Monday, August 24, 2009

Number One had the first day of his last year of elementary school today. He is pretty sure he rules the school. He is definately too cool for "all the baby stuff" like having your mom walk you in the door and wearing weenie hair. Ok. The King explained to me that it was no longer cool to have your mom cut your lunch sandwich into heart shapes. So, off to fourth grade he went with a square sandwich.

The Beast had his first day of Kindergarten today, too. He and his BEST friend, Miss P., are in the same class together. I couldn't be more thrilled. Miss P. keeps the Beast in check and helps him remember to make good choices. They were so excited to go to school together.

Pretty and Snort are back with Ms. Buffy. Pretty was completely heart broken that she didn't get to go with the Beast and Miss P. She literally fell to the ground sobbing that she didn't get to walk in line with them. The three of them played together all day every day this past summer, so I'm not too surprised to see that she was so sad about the change.

As for Little Guy, well he now gets three mornings a week to just cuddle with his Mama. And that's just how it should be. Right?

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Kiki said...

I hope you plan on some naps with that snuggle time. Great Pictures.mi