Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Love You, Angela

This is our Angela. She's been babysitting our kids since the day we moved here. Literally. Number One was just ten months old. She did take an 18 month break to serve her mission, but that's been about it. Otherwise, she's always been a part of the family. Tonight was the last time we'll be seeing her for a while in person, although we do love that there is always the webcam.

Tomorrow morning, she's moving on to bigger and better things as she follows her dreams and does what she needs to do to move on with her goals and aspirations. We'll miss her terribly, but we're so very proud of her. I just pulled these pictures off my phone, but there are many more I could share. And eventually I will.

When the going gets tough and things aren't going the way you think they should, remember We Love You, Angela! And we always will. Good luck in all you do!!!
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Anonymous said...

She is awesome! Good luck in all you do Angela!