Sunday, August 23, 2009

What is it With My Kids and a Toilet Obsession?

I had been looking all over the house for Snort the other day. He spends most of his time tagging along behind his sister and big brothers. This time, though, I couldn't find him anywhere. And then I heard it. Plop! Splash! Plop! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Mamaaaaaa! I went into the bathroom to find Snort in a bit of a pickle. Somehow, he'd gotten himself onto the potty and was all the way in it. He also had a roll of toilet paper, a face card, a game boy, and a couple other things I didn't care to identify while I was fishing them out.

I could tell he was scared about being stuck in the toilet and unable to get off, so being the wonderful mom that I am, I went hunting for the camera. I couldn't find it, so I got my cell phone out instead. Sadly, it doesn't take nearly as good of pictures, and this was the only decent one. The one of him all the way in the toilet and screaming to get out told a much better story, but who's really counting?

So, should I have kept the game boy or thrown it out?
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