Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Faith of a Child

CJ is a handful. I'm pretty sure that's the understatement of the century. He is a strong-willed, stubbourn, noisy little human with the potential to drive anyone completely nuts. But, with all of that comes an amazing understanding of basic gospel principles and a remarkable faith in prayer. He also has an immeasurable ability to love. I'm the first to admit the kid can throw a tantrum with the best of them and has perfected the art of dirty looks. But, this is something else I'm referring to.

Unconditional love. CJ has it in him. Once a person gets a piece of CJ's heart, that person will have love until their dying day, and then some. He is loyal to the death. Well, mostly. I think that, with the right amount of candy, he probably could be bought. He is a red-blooded kid afterall.

He has created a special bond with a couple in our ward, J and L. They have two boys of their own who are both on their own and have moved out. CJ adores them. He talks about them day and night. He plans dates with them. He makes them more artistic treasures than I can count. He loves them unconditionally. I think they feel the same way about him, so it works out well.

The economy has not been kind to J and L. It has hit them hard, and they need to sell their house soon, or they will stand to lose everything. We are in the process of moving, too, and I thought CJ might be able to relate on some level.

I approached him this morning, and told him that J and L need to sell their house so they can get a new one and be happy. I kept it very simple for him, and asked him to say a prayer for them. Immediately the tears came. "J and L are leaving me and moving far away? I will miss them!". Apparently he doesn't understand just how far away we're moving. He was more than a little sad at the idea of them not being nearby.

I decided to let it go, and just let him do his thing. The next thing I knew, I walked past his room and could hear him sending up a very simple, but heart-felt prayer for J and L to sell their home and be able to be happy. Knowing how heart broken he is about losing them, I know how hard that prayer was for him. He's never had a sincere prayer go unanswered and he knows that. For him, this was an ultimate sacrifice.

I heard later on in the day that someone had come by to see J and L's home, and that the potential buyer liked it. He will be coming back to see it again later in the week. I told this to CJ, and he was pleased because he felt like he was a part of their potential success. He went back and prayed again that they can sell their home.

I'm not saying it was just CJ's prayer that moved this mountain for J and L. Who knows? Maybe the buyer will go elsewhere. That really isn't the point, is it? What I am saying is that children can have a profound understanding of what love is. It is knowing that the best thing for another person may be the hardest thing for ourselves. It is understanding that love means choosing that hard thing for ourselves so that the other person can be blessed.

CJ knows his Heavenly Father hears his prayers. He knows that his prayers can indeed move the mountains in the lives of others. And so he offered a simple prayer, and it was answered. I can only hope that I can someday learn to have half the faith of that child.

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