Monday, May 10, 2010

New Boots!

CJ has a special love for his cowboy boots. He has worn them EVERYWHERE. He wore them to school, to bed, to shower (he put them outside the shower door while he was in there), to play in the snow, to get school pictures taken, and to church.
They weren't new boots when he got them in the first place. They were actually hand-me-downs from Aiden. Regardless of how he came by them, they were a treasure and his whole heart went into wearing them. Sadly, CJ's beloved boots met their demise. They'd fallen apart before, but a little crazy glue held them together for a couple more months. This time, though, even crazy glue wouldn't fix them.
The fake leather (did I also mention they were from WalMart?) was coming off, the soles had come off, and they were as broken down as any boot could be. Still, CJ loved his boots and wanted to wear them everywhere. It was with a heavy heart that he finally gave in when I told him it was time to let them go.
Tonight, I surprised him with a Mommy Date. We drove to the cowboy store (no stinkin' WalMart boots for my little cowboy), and I set him free to choose himself some real boots. He was excited as could be, although I think it's because he also noted that there were cowboy toys there. Anyway, he proudly tried this pair on, and that was that. He was in love. We also went for a new haircut, but that paled in comparison to those great new boots.
I have a cowboy sleeping proudly cuddled up with his fabulous new boots dreaming of whatever it is that CJ dreams about. What could be better than a great pair of new boots?

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