Monday, May 10, 2010

Go Ahead. Laugh.

I've hit a new low. I know. I thought my last new low was as low as it could go, but I beat even that one. Yep. It is indeed possible.

I had to go to WalGreens to buy old lady make-up. "Cover your age lines and wrinkles..." That stuff. I need it. It's not actually the wrinkles that are the problem as much as the dark circles under my eyes. Okay, and the wrinkles. At the same time, I had to buy some skin cleanser that I think is meant for pre-pubescent teenagers to help clean up the lovely acne in other parts of my face. I know. Classy, right?

Now, none of this would have been so embarrassing were it not for what happened on my way out of the store. (Okay, so it was still embarrassing, but the story sounds better if I add a little suspense or something). I had Liam with me, and was running late to pick up Rachel and Drezden from Mrs. Buffy's school.

I hurried out to the van carrying the baby, trying not to let him lose the balloon the lady at the make-up counter gave him, and hoping no one would note my many facial imperfections. I pushed the unlock button on my van and promptly opened the backdoor. Upon attempting to put Liam in the van, I realized it wasn't even my van!!! Oops! There was a very kind, very old, man in the driver's seat.

In my defense, the van I opened was the same make and model as mine. It even had the same sticker from the same dealership as mine. And it was parked right next to mine. Luckily, the older gentleman just smiled and let me continue on my way. But, I and my zits and bandaged up baby with the balloon was adequately mortified.

Go ahead. Laugh.

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