Thursday, May 27, 2010

Unemployed Teacher

CJ has always had a mind of his own as well as his own very firm agenda. On Monday of this week, he wore his flip flops to school. I told him not to wear them. He said he just had to wear them to show them to his friends. Fine, dude. Whatever. Wear your flip flops.

The problem is that he can't figure out how to put them on or keep them on his feet because his toes are all turned in from wearing his shoes on the wrong feet for so long. Because of that fact, he was causing quite a disruption with his shoes so his teacher told him not to wear them to school anymore.

A couple of minutes later, CJ stormed up to her desk and slammed a piece of paper down. It read:


Great! Just what society needs; another unemployed teacher.

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Brooke and Ryan Steed said... that is hilarious!!! I wish he were in my class, because I could use a little humor!